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Search Engine Terms 3

27 Aug

Since I really enjoyed doing my first two posts about Search Engine Terms (1 & 2) of WordPress, so let’s try again! This is exactly what you want to read here… !

TOP 10

And since I’m talking about numbers, I want to thank my fellow readers. 25,893 hits since July 2009!!! I’m very happy and proud. I hope you will keep reading and posting comments.

But now let’s go back to the topic!

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Search Engine Terms 2

22 Nov

Since I really enjoyed doing my first post about Search Engine Terms of WordPress… let’s try again! What people want to read on my blog and how they come up reading my posts about a certain topic… this is the question!

Your favorite…

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Search Engine Terms

9 Sep

As you know WordPress gives you the possibility of knowing the “Search Engine Terms” so you can understand what people want to read on your blog and how they come up reading your post about a topic. Sometimes you can find really hilarious things!!

This is the top 10 and I can deduce that you guys love art & TrueBlood! (like me anyway)


But now… fun stuff!!

4 hits for “Famous people eating” … I didn’t know it was so interesting…

1 hit for “is anna paquin on a goo goo dolls cd cov” … Well I don’t know but she’s a really nice girl

12 hits “jim parsons gay?” … You don’t have to ask me this question, ask him!

2 hits “twilight pictures that i can copy and paste” … You can copy & paste everything!

2 hits “leonardo divinche” … Do you mean Leonardo Da Vinci?

2 hits “i hate edward cullen” … I swear you, I’ve never said that!

2 hits “famous people with acne” … Ehm, sorry???

1 hit “eric northman i am gonna do bad things with you” … Me too!!!

1 hit “was joseph gordon-levitt depressed?” … Poor boy, I hope not!


See you soon

28 Aug

I’ll be away for a week in the “eternal city”… Rome!! I’m quite excited because it’s my first time there. Have a great week!



27 Aug

Really random but simple & cute!