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3 Oct

A month ago I went to Milan and I took some pics! It was my first time there even if it’s not so far from my place. It was a sunny day and Milan is fascinating. Enjoy!

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London + random

30 Sep

You know I love taking pictures and since I’m kinda busy with university and stuff and  I haven’t updated my blog… some pics for you! This is my deviantArt account btw. Enjoy!

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Steven Klein

3 Sep

Do you know Steven Klein? For those who are not familiar with this name I can tell you that he’s an American photographer and filmmaker.  His work has featured in numerous exhibitions, he also shot high-profile advertising campaigns for various clients and recently directed the music video for Lady Gaga’s single, “Alejandro.” Continue reading

Nature VS Building

7 Apr


Please do not use these pics without my permission.


20 Mar




Could you please help me deciding which one is the best? Leave a comment below. Thanks!


Please do not use these pics without my permission.


25 Jan

While I was surfing the net instead of studying for my exams, I bumped into this site and it was really interesting (apart from being really eye-catching). You know I love photography and of course I would like to become a fashion photographer but it’s hard and well… it’s just a dream. This website made me think about my conception of beauty connected to this great art called photography. I saw a lot of pictures of handsome men and beautiful women (let’s be honest… mostly men) but just a few really caught my eye.

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Just for my own satisfaction

2 Aug

I love taking photos and here you can see my highlights!
Il bianco dell'innocenza


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