Les chansons d’amour

10 Aug

Julie’s boyfriend Ismaël lives with her; rather than worry about the time he spends with his colleague Alice, Julie invites Alice to join them. The three walk the streets of Paris, party, read, and sleep together. Sometimes it’s lighthearted, sometimes there are jealousies. Then death strikes. In various ways, those left come to terms with the departure and absence of a loved one: showing concern, eating together, attempting new relationships, trying to “be there” for the other. Then, the spirit returns and new commitments are possible. The romantic elements of musical comedy play in contrast to the ambivalence of the lyrics and the story.


Paris is magic and you can’t deny it! I’m not really into french movies but I was curious to learn more about european cinema since I live in Europe and I’m part of this kind of culture. I’ve studied French for 9 years and I really like its sound and I enjoyed watching this movie in the original language. The plot was not bad and the actors were really good. Although the singing parts were sometimes a bit boring, I have to say that I like it! Weird but nice!

And well… Louis Garrel is my new love! lol


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