Marco Mengoni – Italian music

21 Feb

The “Festival della canzone italiana” is an Italian song contest running since 1951 and held annually from Teatro Ariston in the city of Sanremo.

The contest ended yesterday after 5 nights of amusement and I have to say that this year I enjoyed the show because of one singer in particular: Marco Mengoni (he didn’t win the contest… unfortunately).

Italian music is not so known abroad (apart from opera) but I hope this guy could become a star not just here in my small country because he really deserves fame for his amazing voice. He’s just 20 but his talent is… huge!

He won “X-Factor Italy” last year and he sang some amazing covers in English. Here I can show you 4 of his amazing performances!

a) Psycho Killer – Talking Heads (my favorite!!!)

b) Kiss – Prince (sexy! lol)

c) Back in black – AC/DC

d) Billie Jean – Micheal Jackson

And now his new single! It’s called “Credimi Ancora” (Believe me again).

The reasons I’m writing this post are:

1. To express my love for his amazing voice

2. I hope at least one of my readers could discover an amazing talent and follow his career. That would be great!

As you can read from my bio I’m not a big fan of italian music but this is an exception. This is a chance for non-italian people to know something about our music and not just the cliché.


P.S. Trust me! He’s really amazing!


One Response to “Marco Mengoni – Italian music”

  1. MarzyCrazy 20 March 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    Yeah…He’s Really Good!!!

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