25 Jan

While I was surfing the net instead of studying for my exams, I bumped into this site and it was really interesting (apart from being really eye-catching). You know I love photography and of course I would like to become a fashion photographer but it’s hard and well… it’s just a dream. This website made me think about my conception of beauty connected to this great art called photography. I saw a lot of pictures of handsome men and beautiful women (let’s be honest… mostly men) but just a few really caught my eye.

A great photographer is a man/woman who manages to catch your attention in just one second with a picture that you will remember for a long time. I’d be a hypocrite saying that the subject isn’t important if we’re talking about fashion photography because models are obviously the ideal of beauty, but a good photographer is as fundamental as a handsome model.

I want to post an example:

I love these pics by Camilla Åkrans! Yeah… and I love the model (Mathias Lauridsen) too because he isn’t just handsome but he’s expressive. Great model + great photographer = amazing pics!



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  1. bananaboatblues 25 January 2010 at 4:55 pm #

    one of my favorites from mathias. so james dean.

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