Search Engine Terms 2

22 Nov

Since I really enjoyed doing my first post about Search Engine Terms of WordPress… let’s try again! What people want to read on my blog and how they come up reading my posts about a certain topic… this is the question!

Your favorite…

796 hits for Adventureland. Wow! And I wrote that the movie was boring…

539 hits for Eric Northman. *dreaming eyes*

113 hits for Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love that movie!

109 hits for eating. ???

95 hits for Salvador Dalì. One of my favorite painters.


Let’s have a look to the funny stuff!

5 hits for “hjärtslag short film watch“. I really don’t know what it means. I guess it’s Swedish.

3 hits for “how to be an actor“. I’m sorry but I don’t have an answer for this question.

2 hits for “ewan mcgregor in some movie about addiction“. I guess you were looking for Trainspotting.

2 hits for “picture of someone eatiing“. I really don’t understand this obsession you have for eating.

1 hit for “joseph gordon levitt looks like heath ledger“. I do think so!

1 hit for “are drugs a big deal“. Yes and they are a big issue!

1 hit for “meaghan jette martin es bianca“. What? Is it Spanish?





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