(Almost) New Moon

22 Nov

Let’s just say I’m a big Twilight fun and I couldn’t wait to see New Moon. But surprise, surprise… the movie disappointed me. Ok… I have to admit that New Moon wasn’t my favorite book of the saga (Team Eclipse!) and my expectations were probably too high, but this movie was really too commercial in my opinion. I watched the movie with my friends yesterday night and they had the same impression. I can’t say I didn’t like it at all because… you know… I’m a teenage girl who loves vampires & love stories but sometimes it made me laugh because it was subconsciously comic. It’s not good when a teenager laughs in the romantic scenes of a movies… am I become so cynical?



THE VOLTURI: the guys were cool and evil!

JACOB’S/TAYLOR’S NEW BODY: This is really embarrassing to say… but it was probably one of the best things in the movie. But I’m still Team Edward… don’t worry.

VOLTERRA/MONTEPULCIANO: The landscape was really good!

CARS: The Cullens have good taste for cars.


THE MAKE-UP: No reasons in particular.

FULSOME SCENES: Ok Edward & Bella are in love, they love each other in a unique way but their words were too much for a movie, even if I enjoyed all the romantic lines in the books there was something awkward here.

TOO MANY SHIRTLESS GUYS: Eheh… ok this is not true but some scenes were shot just for teenagers’ hormones! And this is sad…

I keep hoping for an amazing ECLIPSE!!



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