True Blood – Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ – 02×12

14 Sep

♫ “When you came in the air went out.

And every shadow filled up with doubt.

I don’t know who you think you are,

But before the night is through,

I wanna do bad things with you.” ♫

It’s True Blood time… for the last time this season *sob*

I’m going to analyse some scenes now so… if you haven’t watched the episode yet, stop reading now (and come back later)!


1. The Bride

Creepy and charming… the exact description for MaryAnn.

2. Puzzled Sookie

Maid of honor in a creepy marriage… at least she has a nice dress!

3. Hoyt’s mum

Dancing Queen!

4. Sookie

She doesn’t seem happy…

5. A hot vampire everyday

Just look… *_*

6.  Yahtzee

What’s the big deal about Yahtzee??

7. The kiss

Did she kiss him just because he’s a hot guy? I’m puzzled.

8. I want fangy


9. “You suck at this”

Again… What’s the big deal about Yahtzee??

10. Andy & Jason

The two heroes… hilarious!

11. Sookie and the ritual


12. Evil MaryAnn

When Eggs stabbed Sam… I screamed like Sookie! Poor Sam…

13. Yuk!

She needs a manicure…

14. Epic

MaryAnn is quite naive… and this scene reminds me another movie but I don’t really remember which…

15. Finally

MaryAnn is dead and we’re all happy!

16. Read the T-Shirt


17. The kids

They’re so cute and hilarious!!

18. LOL

Gossip Girls!!

19. Heroes

Andy & Jason are amazing!

20. Jessica & Bill


21. *sob*

This was a moving scene… Sam and his parents.

22. Ouch!

Good girl gone bad… and what about Hoyt?

23. Dancing

Really sweet scene!

24. Eggs is dead…

… and Jason killed him… but for a good reason…

25. The proposal

Really beautiful ring… but does she really love Bill Compton? What about Eric Northman?

26. What a mess!

What happened to Bill? Eric…

And this was the epic end… I really can’t wait to watch the third season!! I’ll miss my hot vamps and sweet Sookie!



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