True Blood – “Frenzy” – 02×12

6 Sep

I know… I’m late but I want to talk about this episode because I’m in love with TrueBlood…

I’m going to analyse some scenes now so… if you haven’t watched the episode yet, stop reading now (and come back later)!


1.  Poor Jessica

Poor Jessica… she’s a really nice girl and she doesn’t deserve to be sad! I don’t understand why Hoyt reacted that way… I know he loves his mum but…

2. The Queen

Just one word… amazing!! Evan Rachel Wood is the perfect Sophie-Anne Leclerq.

3. Bill the gentleman

I don’t know why… but he’s hilarious in this scene… lol

4. Jason the superhero

He’s becoming a bit megalomaniac.

5. The kids

They’re sooooo cute!!!

6. OMG

Hilarious and creepy! Terrific!

7. LOL


8. The minions

Poor people…

9. Too cute


10. Eric showing his fangs to the kids

Sweet & Creepy.

11. WoW

I loved it!! Eric can fly…

12. Why?

Mmm… chilling time.

13. The Queen loved it

Bill sucking blood from a cute boy…

14. I love blue eyes

Sorry but those eyes are really beautiful!

15. What about your hair??

Eric and his new hairstyle…

16. The mysterious egg

… ???

Now it’s your turn! Tell me your opinion about this episode!



One Response to “True Blood – “Frenzy” – 02×12”

  1. Marz 7 September 2009 at 11:57 pm #

    i have to say that I wasn’t as impressed with this episode as I was with Timebomb or I will rise again. I also found the Even Rachel Wood to be a bad Queen, but that’s just me.

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