10 Things I Hate About You – “Light my fire” – 01×07

19 Aug

Another cool episode!

When local residents are evacuated to Padua High during a brushfire emergency, Bianca tries to use the crisis as yet another opportunity to win over Chastity. In order to please her, Bianca must set out to find a private room in the school for Chastity. Just how much longer will Bianca put up with Chastitys spoiled personality?

Meanwhile, Patrick tries to find an opportunity alone with Kat to confess his feelings, but he fears the panic from the brushfire might ruin his chances. As it turns out, Patrick and Kat do find a moment together on the schools rooftop. But with their temperamental relationship, will they make the most of that time? Will Patrick get to tell Kat how he feels about her?


If you haven’t watched the episode yet… stop reading here!



1. Kat singing in her bedroom

I haven’t understood the song but she was pretty cool and I’ve discovered a new side of her personality.

2. Bianca’s pyjamas and hair curlers


3. Cameron & Michael

Those guys are amazing! Cameron is so naïve and sweet.

4. Sharing our experiences

A classic, but always funny.

5. Kat and the old woman

There are three dialogues between them. Congratz to the writers!

6. Patrick & Cameron

Two opposite worlds.

7. Kat & Patrick watching the fire

Romantic? I don’t think so… It looked like a volcano.

8. The kiss

We were all waiting for this to happen! But Kat always know how to ruin the atmosphere… Can I call them Kat & Pat or Pat & Kat?

9. Slippers


10. Chastity

I’ve understand that she’s able to be human… sometimes… but not for too long!

Opinions about this episode?



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