The Project

15 Aug

It’s time for a big project! As I’ve noticed that this blog is going pretty well (500 hits in less than a month… thank you sooooo much) and I have no intention to give up as usual, I want to plan my activities for the next days (month… years… centuries… lol). It’s not definitive because I like to post random stuff every now and then but I’m trying to be an organized and tidy young woman (lol… that’s not my description).

I’m going to make a draft of my project but… I need YOU! What do you like to read here? Do you have advices? Complainings? Requests?

Don’t be shy… I don’t bite! I’m not a vampire… Leave a comment and I’ll answer!

As this post is kinda useless, I take the opportunity to promote myself!

Follow me on twitter and add my group on facebook! And don’t forget to tell your friends about this blog!

(This post really sucks… sorry)


P.S. I’ll add the link of the project as soon as it’s ready.


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