London = Life

13 Aug

Here I am in my hot-small-polluted-grey city back from 10 days of pure excitement in London! How sad…

This is my third time in this amazing city and I want to talk about the most funny-weird-terrific moments of my stay:

1# An opera singer singing (sorry for the repetition) live on a balcony near the escalators of Harrods… I was shocked when I realised that the voice wasn’t recorded but a real person was singing for the customers.

2# A Japanese girl singing Dancing Queen when she heard the ringtone… Abba‘s power!!!!

3# Luxury beds for pets.

4# Gay couples kissing (this is not weird of funny but I’ve never seen them live in my city… only on TV… lol).  The funny thing is that I saw a handsome guy in a Starbucks, I took a seat not far from him (for my eyes pleasure), I ordered my hot chocolate and when I came back at my place… he was kissing another guy. I was quite shocked, not for the kiss itself, just because I’d really like him to like girls instead! LoL

5# The première of The ugly truth with Gerard Butler. My first red carpet!

6# Futurism @ Tate Modern. An amazing exhibition!

7# London Zoo! My favourite animals: otter – sloth – red panda.

8# Artificial Blood = True Blood. When I saw this small bottle of artificial blood… my brain made this connection.

9# The Dalì Universe… I felt really intellectual in that museum..

10# LONDON!!! My dream city…

(photos under my copyright)

Weird-funny-cool experiences in London?



2 Responses to “London = Life”

  1. CharleneeWright 16 August 2009 at 8:20 pm #

    Hi girl!I wanted to tell you that this blog is very interesting.
    I hope to travel some day to London, but im from Mexico so im vey far from London, that makes me sad… but i really hope to be there one of this days. Im a little jelous of you i have to say!Kind of shocking the thing about kisses among gay couples, here we are not use to that either. Wow, luxury beds for pets, i bet my dashound will be so happy in one of those. Could i ask you for advices someday when i have everything ready to go to London? Greetings!

    • MaryG90 17 August 2009 at 11:45 am #

      Hi!! Thank you for your nice comment! London is a really interesting place, it’s so funny and beautiful 🙂 If you want an advice… I’m here!

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