A special goodbye… 10 films for 10 days

2 Aug

Hi readers! I’m going to London tomorrow and I’ll stay there for 10 days… without my computer… But I don’t want you to feel lonely so I’ve prepared a special list just for you! I hope you like it!

Breakfast on Pluto

Delicate and deep.  Patrick “Kitten” Braden is a sweet character living in a fairytale, but unfortunately life is not always pink and romantic. Amazing cast and original plot.

Velvet Goldmine

Do you miss Glam Rock? Or maybe you don’t know anything about it… (like me before this movie) Well these are two reasons to watch this film! The costumes are funny, coloured, shining and the music is magic… The cast? First class.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A classic. If you haven’t watch it already… just two worlds: do it! One of the best musicals ever.

Beetle Juice

Another classic. Tim Burton is a genius…

Panic Room

Normally I don’t watch horror/thriller movie but I really enjoyed this one.

Little Ashes

Probably because I’m in this “surrealistic period” but I can say it’s a good film! I know that critics didn’t like it so much but I really enjoyed the performances of the actor and the plot was not that bad.

The Rules of Attraction

Provocative… another movie from an Easton Ellis’ novel! (like Less than Zero and American Psycho)

Romeo + Juliet

“Surreal… but nice” (quote from Notting Hill)

Revolutionary Road

A really good and intense movie.

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

I admit it. After reading the Twilight I’ve watched a lot of films about vampires but this is certainly the best one.

Ok. Now I can go to London confidently… 🙂

I want to see comments when I’m back… lol



2 Responses to “A special goodbye… 10 films for 10 days”

  1. flaiu 4 August 2009 at 4:16 pm #

    thanks for the movies … i didn`t know what to watch anymore 😛
    have a safe trip and lots of fun in London 🙂

  2. fandangogroovers 6 August 2009 at 5:11 pm #

    “I’ve watched a lot of films about vampires but this is certainly the best one” Not a bad film but I think Near Dark is probably my favorite vampire movie. Take a look at this article I wrote about vampire movies: http://fandangogroovers.wordpress.com/2009/03/12/vampires/

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