The strangest thing I’ve ever seen

30 Jul

After watching Little Ashes (quick plot: relationship between Salvador Dalì and Federico Garcia Lorca) I was curious about Salvador’s life and I read “Conversations with Dalì” and I fell in love with his art (I have a weakness for superegos and dandy style). Reading his biography I found a title of a surrealistic film: Un chien andalou. I was excited to know that he collaborated in the realization of a film so I watched it.

First impression: what??? OMG

Second impression: mmm

Third impression: let’s go to wikipedia!

I read the page and a review and I found out so many things that I was really amazed. It was not the film itself (weird and scary… a scene was horrid) but the meaning and at the same time the nonsense. It was a great experience because it was something new (not really new… 1929) for me.

Anyone have ever seen it?



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