Drugs addiction. The best movies about it.

30 Jul

Last year I watched for the first time a film about drugs addiction (Requiem for a dream) and I decided to start a cinematographic session about this big issue. My mother was really worried about it even if I don’t smoke, drink or take drugs :-). Let’s start from my favourite:


I watched this movie for a banal reason. I love Jared Leto as a singer and after watching Alexander I decided to watch all his movies (and I did it). This film was a real surprise for me. It was the first about this theme that I’ve ever watched and I fell in love with it from the first scene. The photography is particular and the repetitive gestures make you feel alienated just like the characters. The soundtrack is brilliant, it’s tragic and moving thanks to the violins. The cast is amazing and this film really deserved an Oscar.

As you can see in the page “About me” my avatar is an eye… now you understand why!

2# Christiane F. – Wir kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo

It’s a German film that really deserve to be watched. Another film really tragic and realistic. Probably one of the most realistic. The book is even better than the movie and it’s a true story. The soundtrack is full of David Bowie‘s songs because he’s considered the symbol of that generation.

#3 Trainspotting

A classic. The script is great as the soundtrack, but it’s not one of my favourite movies. I can’t find an exact reason but probably because I found it comic in some points and I don’t think that the theme is funny. Ewan McGregor is perfect for the part and it’s one of his best performances (I love him in Moulin Rouge).

4# Candy

Another good film, maybe not as realistic as the others but sweet and tragic at the same time. This movie is about love and drugs which are both addictions. Heath Ledger was really amazing and I really miss his performances.

What do you think about them? Do you know others about this theme?



3 Responses to “Drugs addiction. The best movies about it.”

  1. mcarteratthemovies 31 July 2009 at 3:07 pm #

    Kudos for including “Candy”! No one ever remembers that Heath Ledger could be a character actor, and he did such a good job with this independent release. This is one that shows the depths of addiction without wallowing in them (like, say, “Basketball Diaries”).

    Another good drug addiction movie — besides “Spun,” which I reviewed — is “Down to the Bone.” It’s very independent, has a home video kind of feel, but Vera Farmiga is so good as a recovering cokehead. It’s one of those movies that’s so subtle it’s amazingly powerful.

    M. Carter at the Movies

    • MaryG90 31 July 2009 at 3:24 pm #

      I think I’m going to watch them. Thank you.

      • Deshawn__=] 10 August 2009 at 8:34 am #

        Requiem for a dream is a fantastic movie! Its tittle is so fitting considering every person had ambitious dreams that ultimately lead them to self destruction, insanity, and practically left them with nothing more than themselves. It’s amazing how devastating a dream can be when shrived for… definitely deserves best move =]

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