Let’s talk about the Comic-Con 2009

27 Jul

The first thing I wanna say it’s that I live in Italy, so it was impossible for me to go to San Diego (unfortunately) and I’m going to talk about it because I think it’s an amazing event and I hate the cliché saying that it’s just for nerd and geek! It’s a stupid lie.

My favourite highlights:

Yes, I admit it… I’m a big fan of the Twilight Saga (honestly I like the books most) but I can’t wait to see New Moon even if my favourite is definitely Eclipse. And yes, I have a crush on Robert Pattinson but I’m not going to faint or scream if I saw him… just a smiling photo and an autograph, no hystheria (I’m not judging anyone, I respect everybody but I don’t like noise… lol).

Ooh The Big Bang Theory!! That show heals depression! I re-watched three episodes of the second season yesterday and they was as funny as the first time I saw them… probably I enjoy repetition lol

Now let’s talk the new Tim Burton‘s film “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“. Honestly I don’t like Alice’s adventures as a book, I read it one months ago for my final exam of secondary school but I found it quite boring. When I was a little girl I watched the Disney version and Alice was really unpleasent and silly, not at all sweet! As Tim Burton is my favourite director and Johnny Depp is my favourite actor, I hope that Alice could amaze me this time! The cast seems perfect and there are all the requisites for another masterpiece.

And now an advice: watch the new TV series “Glee“. In September will be on screen the second episode but you can’t miss the pilot. The cast is really nice and the songs are funny and cheerful. Probably if you don’t like musicals and that stuff you won’t like it but I promise… it’s not that bad!

Yes! I really watch too much telly but this is the last one! I promise! I really like “True Blood” because it’s not only an amazing love story between a human and a vampire but there’s action, passion and horror.

I haven’t really talked about the Comic-Con because I wasn’t there, so it was impossible for me to tell a real experience. But as I’m really organized, here there are some interesting links I found surfing the Net where you can find sneak peaks, spoilers and news!

Random: E! online

New Moon: twilightsource, twilightguide, bellaandedward and many many more

True Blood: EW, cinemablend

The Big Bang Theory: tvsquad

Glee: LosAngelesTimes

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: moviesonline

Last but non least, if you have been lucky and you went to Comic-Con, you can share your experience here!! I love comments (just be polite… lol)!



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